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Less Stress Everyday

Control Stress & Relax Deeply

It's true that there is positive stress and negative stress. A little stress can actually help us at times, like when we need to react to a situation, make a quick decision or avoid an accident on the road. A positive type of stress is useful and temporary.

​But, if the level of stress you feel becomes unmanageable or seems to be with you most of the time, that can start to take a toll on you, physically, mentally and emotionally. Your quality of life suffers because your thoughts focus more and more on your stressful situation, sometimes at the expense of more important things. You can be caught up in it and sometimes can't shut it off. More and more stress leads to greater anxiety at home or at work.

While there are many ways to manage stress, guided meditation and hypnotherapy offer a great way to reset your reaction to stress. Instead of automatically reacting stressfully to a given situation, meditative practice encourages greater equanimity, while hypnotherapeutic techniques teach you to switch on a relaxation response. So, instead of more irritation and stress, you can experience greater levels of tranquility.

Imagine less stressful situations...

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