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Nothing to Fear

Especially Public Speaking

Help End The Stress of Public Speaking

Do you know the number one fear of many people today?
It's the fear of public speaking.

For some it's greater than the fear of anything else. It might be a presentation to the board of directors. It might be a one-on-one interview for a new job. Why does it happen to some people? What is it that causes us to lose control of our confidence and negatively affects our ability to speak just when we need it?

Unfortunately, willpower doesn't seem to help, because it's not possible to talk yourself out of a fear of public speaking. You might think, "I'll do a great job. They will really like me!" But then what happens? You get up to begin your speech or presentation... and almost automatically you become a different person. Maybe you see your hands start to shake a little and you wonder if the audience sees that. So you grip the podium or microphone, which doesn't help much, because now you start thinking you look stiff and unnatural. What if your heart starts to pound and you start to hyperventilate? Now you're sure the audience sees what's happening and your anxiety gets even worse. What if you start to sweat and you trip over your words? What if your voice starts to crack? What if you lose your place while you are speaking or forget your presentation altogether? What if... what if? This automatic dialog you are having with yourself is negative and all wrong. What can you do to stop it?

It is easy to become a more relaxed and motivating public speaker by using safe and natural hypnotherapeutic techniques. Contact Dan for a free consultation to discuss a plan for success.

Lose your fear of public speaking. Eliminate the stress and worry. Our effective and proven techniques will increase your performance confidence and allow you and your audience to enjoy the experience.

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